The holders of SOLT tokens have the opportunity to stake their tokens to earn more over time. It is a safe and completely sustainable system because the staking rewards pool is constantly recharged by the SolTools swap trading fees that buyback SOLT tokens to deposit into the staking pool.

The staking process is as follows:

  • When the stake function is called by a SOLT token holder, the selected SOLT token amount is sent to the staking contract.

  • The staking contract mints the same amount of stSolTools (staking pool tokens) which will represent share of the holder in the total staking pool.

  • The buyback from part of the SolTools swap fees will be injected into the staking pool continously as rewards.

  • When the unstake function is called by the staker, the staking contract will send the original staked amount of SOLT tokens + share of the rewards into the staker's wallet and burn the corresponding stSolTools tokens.

stSolTools Contract Address: 7PmXhNhjDXGHiC2FSGVhRL7wHeYPqEv2avu4yK3xeNx9

SolTools Staking Program Contract Address: C2qoYpTcauAFDNsPExDhJpFRk2isREyGsB3WnNo39j3F

SolTools Staking Pool Contract Address: 4wKfQUFwGLTsrbVEAfndW2jyb1rFi9a11vVByW1Us25P

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